John Allen


John Allen is an actor and playwright whose plays include Cafe Negril and One Eyed Kings. He has also worked on television as a media critic for the CBC and has been a radio reporter, and print journalist as well as the President of the Board for nine years, of a successful non profit. He has taught acting and writing and has co-written screenplays for film. In the course of his career he has story edited and analyzed literally hundreds of scripts for Telefilm Canada as well as various private film studios. In 2007-08 Mr. Allen wrote a popular private email newsletter about the U.S. election.
Immediately after his last play’s successful run, people in Mr. Allen’s life started dying one after another. First parents, relatives, old friends, and finally acquaintances all ¬†left ¬†within a small amount of time forcing Mr. Allen to ask what is going on here? Mr. Allen’s study and work in mediation and self inquiry was born out of that question.For the last 10 years Mr. Allen has taught and helped a great many people to meditate and to be present in order that they may live with less suffering int heir lives.