Chris King

Chris King


A native of Brooklyn, NY, Mr. King is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. As a Naval Officer, he served five years at sea and was selected to teach leadership at the U.S. Naval Academy. As a leadership instructor, he received the highest student evaluations and his students achieved the highest average grades. His curriculum development and teaching skills led to his selection as the youngest instructor to teach and help develop the ethics programs at Annapolis. After his honorable discharge from the Navy, Mr. King hiked the 2,160 mile Appalachian Trail before embarking on a career in organizational change and leadership development consulting.

Mr. King worked as a consultant and then as a principle in a consulting firm specializing in the areas of energy, technology and national defense. As a consultant in one large-scale engagement to change organizational behavior, the client achieved a new industry benchmark for bringing offshore natural gas to the global market generating $1.7 billion in value resulting in a Harvard Business Review case study on the benefits of consulting.

In Iraq (2004-2006), Mr. King was appointed U.S. Department of State, Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) Senior Advisor to the Commission on Public Integrity (CPI). Mr. King led a multinational team of consultants, civil servants and military personnel working with CPI in the areas of anti-corruption, law enforcement, governance, human rights and legislative reform. Partnering extensively with US government agencies, multinational organizations, NGOs, the Iraqi and other governments, he leveraged $10 million dollars into a 1,500 employee Iraqi-led organization which uncovered $18 billion in corruption and conducted the historic arrests of several minister-level officials.

On his return to the US, Mr. King became a partner in a consulting firm advising governments, corporations and non-profits on capacity development and policy changes in the areas of leadership development, anti-corruption and refugees. He has authored House and Senate testimony and lectured in the areas of organizational change, development and reform.

Mr. King has lectured on areas of leadership development, organizational behavior, bureaucratic reforms and international development. Speaking engagements include the Harvard International Development Conference and the Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies. During his career Mr. King has provided extensive pro bono consulting and executive coaching for a variety of non-profits and individuals.

Currently Mr. King is living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where he was hired to provide leadership development and cross cultural training to graduate and doctoral students at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He is also establishing an International NGO to promote modern progressive Islam in Indonesia, Malaysia and the United States.

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