“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

     Rudyard Kipling




We are all natural born story tellers.  From childhood we are exposed to myths, folktales, grand and personal narratives. . Its as natural as walking or eating.    We consume stories constantly.  In order to understand our reality we turn it into a story.  There is no better way to make an emotional connection, to make something memorable.  Above all stories make meaning out of the spectacular and even the mundane. You would be surprised how many professional story tellers don’t really know  how to works.  The difference between being a good story teller and a not so good story teller is understanding how stories work. Its a skill that is becoming even more important in the information age.


What We Offer

Our team has experience telling stories on multi platforms, including television broadcasting, radio broadcasting online.  We have told short stories and full length documentaries. Our stories have been heard by millions of people every week,

We bring this experience to design something that works for your organization.

What We Cover

  • Story telling 4C- Conflict, context, character, conclusion
  • Developing plot and structure with compelling characters
  • Story telling with sound and video
  • Performance
  • Understanding audience
  • Developing your personal story
  • Public narrative

What are your Options

  • One on One sessions (TIME TBA)
  • Small groups (TIME TBA)