“It usually takes me more thanmark twain three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.”  

Mark Twain



It is called “glossophobia”, and it is number one on the list of all phobias, even ahead of necrophobia (fear of death) or acrophobia (fear of heights). Its estimated three out of every four people have social anxiety around speaking in public. Great public speakers are made not born. There is no mystery to being an effective public speaker. It is based on preparation and some clear principles that can improve your ability to connect with the audience. Becoming effective at delivering your message is not only a crucial skill to develop in your professional development, it can also come in handy at family reunions, and other social gatherings.

What We Offer

Our program relies on the experience of Harvard trained professional speakers. People who have been put through the same intense training that has helped prepare and create future world leaders. You can no more learn to be a great cyclist by reading a book about cycling then you can become a great speaker by reading a how to guide. Our approach is based on creating a safe environment to try out everything from delivering your elevator pitch, to creating a structured business presentation.
Our programs are designed to appeal to all levels. People who have no experience public speaking and just want to get comfortable enough to engage a small group. To those fortunate few who have to speak every day to small and large groups.

What We Cover

  • Mental Modeling
  • The Elements of Style
  • Rhetorical Techniques
  • Common Writing Problems
  • The Speech Writing Checklist
  • Performance and Delivery
  • The Public Speakers Checklist

What are your Options?

  • One on One sessions (3 hours)
  • Small groups (8 hours)
  • Large groups (2 Days)