kennedy leadership

“When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of  two characters-one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity”  

John F Kennedy



Your ability to keep your cool while those around you are losing theirs is a combination of personality and preparation. While you cannot predict when the crisis will come or what it will be, it is possible to have a clear understanding of who will respond and more importantly how they will respond. A well conceived crisis plan will at the very least mitigate damages and prevent you from making the situation worse. In a crisis the future of the organization is at stake. Time will be critical, and you won’t have enough. In the crisis, there will be intense focus on every statement and decision. All departments from the CEO, to the members of the board, stakeholders, legal department, communications and human resources need to be aligned. Without a shared understanding there will be a sense of instability, chaos and even the force of a strong personality will be insufficient. Having thought these questions out in advance can literally mean the difference between life and death.

What We Offer

Our team has been tested in crisis, small and large. We have had to deal with international disasters including Tsunami’s, kidnapping and war. Domestically we have led the response to labour disruptions, death threats, riots, floods and myriad other unpredictable problems. We design our program and training to provide a crisis plan that takes into account all our combined experience from government, media, and organizational development. We bring this experience to design something that works for your organization.

What We Cover

  • Designing your Crisis Communication Team: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Sample meeting Agendas and Timelines
  • Developing internal communication strategies
  • Creating a “War Room”
  • Dealing with the media
  • The White House’s Crisis Plan Template
  • Spokesperson Training

What are your Options?

  • One on One sessions (Time to be determined)
  • Small groups (Time to be determined)