There are three things RPA provides that distinguishes our work from all others.

Unknown-2Scientific rigour.
We work with a dedicated group of scientific advisors to develop and implement our programs. The latest thinking in neuro science research as it applies to behavior is a critical element of our programming. We use sophisticated analysis to measure our short and long term impact based on clinically accepted standards. Evidence of impact has to go beyond anecdotal.  It has to be about demonstrable results







imagesThe Harvard network. The majority of our advisors have been taught at the world’s top academic institutions. But that is not enough. Having academic experience only provides a framework. It cannot replace the experience of running a business, managing a non-profit, or having to make decisions in the heat of a political campaign, a natural disaster or even war. We bring both worlds together, and bring it to your company and your people.








Public Service. We have a commitment to developing leaders wherever we find them. RPA implements youth programs for people who may not have the chance to go to an expensive university.  In our largest cities as many as 40 percent of young people do not graduate from high school.  So if you can’t make it to Harvard we will bring the benefits of Harvard to you.  We believe we have a responsibility to do whatever we can to close the opportunity gap.  That is why each of our advisors commits to  training urban youth.