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We start with private interviews with senior leaders to create a baseline “core message,” then we facilitate an intensive discussion among the full leadership team, leading to a clear, focused message that articulates: vision, strategy, and expected results. This process should identify the case for change as well as some of the risks and rewards. It should also give a sense of the impact the initiatives are likely to have on different groups in the organization.




Once the leadership has identified the critical issues, we move to phase two of the  process. We apply some of the techniques that have been effective at the world’s leading business schools to create a case study of your organization. This is done by identifying the critical figures with formal and informal authority inside and outside your organization. What  factors determine and influence those perspectives are also identified .  We turn this into a narrative which will identify critical areas that need attention, as well as  potential solutions.




We then move to the implementation of a specific tailored invention to deal with your highest priorities. We will match up programs and advisors best equipped to help address issues that you want addressed.  Typically the issues are related to communication, inability to negotiate through differences, or leadership problems.




Finally we follow up to give precise measures about what has changed, and how effective it has been. This work is important not only for your satisfaction, but also to contribute to our understanding of what interventions have been the most beneficial.

We will do whatever you need, to translate our research into advice that you can apply directly.