What we believe

The world does not work they way you think it does. Many of our assumptions about how we make things better have been shown to be flat out wrong.

Did you know that

  • The carrot and stick is not effective
  • Persuasion cannot overcome brains that are hardwired to resist change, but the wiring in your brain can be changed
  • Leadership can be learned
  • The best negotiators are not confrontational

The goal is to close the gap between what science knows and what business actually does. Our focus is on developing great leaders within your company. The type of people who can identify and encourage innovative solutions. We emphasize practical skills based on empirical evidence to help you build something great. Our approach is based on rigorous research, proven methods, and objective measurement.

Who we are

RPA advisors have held leadership positions in successful for -profit and not- for- profit companies in Canada and the United States. Our field team is supported by the latest research from our advisors in the world of neuroscience.

How we work

Our approach is specifically tailored to your organization. Before introducing any programs we do an assessment of your company’s strategic objectives and challenges. We use the case study approach to craft the most effective intervention. We then match your company with associates who have the most experience dealing with your particular need.