kennedy leadership


Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.” 


John F.  Kennedy


It can help to think of leadership as a verb and not a noun. Leadership is taking action. You may be endowed with great gifts of insight, charisma and drive. That’s all good. Consider yourself  blessed. Those attributes can be assets, but they can also get in the way by leading to an overreliance on  persuasion. Some of the best leaders recognize that its critical to have a systematic approach to dealing with challenges.

What we offer

Many of our associates have been in positions of authority in government, the private sector and the military. Being in authority does not mean you have ever been a leader. To understand how to lead it means stepping back to analyze your interventions. In a dispassionate manner determine  if those interventions have been effective or not. Were answers provided, but actually no real solutions? Harvard university has been training people to move into positions of authority for centuries. It has not always worked, and that has led to research and experimentation around a leadership process that is aspirational as well as inspirational. It means you don’t have to be born a leader, it is something you can learn in an applied manner. Our program cannot guarantee success, but without these principles your chances of dealing with the toughest challenges is severely diminished.

What we cover

  • System analysis
  • Applied game theory
  • Surfacing and negotiating with perspectives
  • Generating helpful tension
  • Dealing with unhelpful conflict
  • Managing your role
  • Evaluating Actions and Experiments

What we offer

  • Group Sessions (16 Hours)