nader leadership


”  The function of leadership is to create more leaders not more followers.”

Ralph Nader




This is at the very core of our company. In many ways all our efforts are focused on the ultimate objective of creating stronger leaders. Despite what you may have be told it IS a skill that can be taught.  Every member of our team believes that the traditional leadership models that dominate most companies are badly flawed. They may have been appropriate in the industrial age, when the emphasis was on mechanistic work, but this type of employment is becoming less and less relevant in modern societies. The dominant way of working requires constant innovation.  So command and control is over. The objective of creating leaders who pretend to have all the answers is over.  How do we know this to be true?  Experience, but also the insight from the world of science, psychology, sociology, and behavioral economics.

What We Offer

Our team has been exposed to the latest and best thinking. We have all been trained in the l leadership development from the Harvard Business School, Harvard School of Education, Cambridge University, and Harvard Kennedy School. This is not a pure academic exercise. We are more interested in applied knowledge. All our advisors have a minimum of ten years experience in either the for-profit, non-profit or  government. We have worked in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan, with inner city youth, and fortune 500 companies.

What We Cover

  • Identifying your leadership style
  • How to surface conflicting perspectives
  • Managing constructive chaos
  • Coaching self and Others
  • Advanced problem diagnostic skills
  • The  “Adaptive Leadership”  approach
  • Leading change
  • Motivating others
  • Retaining talent
  • Setting objectives
  • Reviewing performance
  • Negotiating differences
  • Case studies

What are your Options?

  • One on One sessions (Time to be determined)
  • Small groups (Time to be determined)
  • Research and Analysis (Time to be determined)